4 Tips To Get Rid Of Cavities In Between Teeth

It is not easy to find cavities hidden between the teeth since they are not visually in the clear zone. This hidden trouble is called interproximal cavities; they look and require treatment just like regular ones. If you are worried about a cavity between your molars or any other teeth, talk to your dentist about the options.

A cavity or a dental carry usually grows on the outer surface of the tooth visible to the eye. However, sometimes it starts at that part of the enamel, which is situated in between two teeth.

How Does A Cavity Look Like Between Two Teeth?

An interproximal cavity in the front, molar or any other tooth is difficult to spot since its origination is difficult to detect. For this reason, an x-ray might help determine the cavity between two teeth.

Can We Get Rid Of a Cavity In Between Teeth?

Yes, multiple treatments are available according to the severity level of the cavity buildup on the tooth.

Fluoride treatment – a rational choice for superficial cavities that have not yet seeped into the deeper layers surpassing enamel. Fluoride activates remineralization; it is a safe and non-invasive method best during stage 1 early tooth decay.

Filling – If the condition has passed initial levels and moved on to deeper layers, the best option for it is a filling of a cavity between teeth. Fillings are resinous material and have the remarkable color matching ability with the natural tooth shade.

A root canal – is inevitable when the decay spreads to the nerves and vessels. This technique works best for soothing pinching exposed nerves. Still, if the hole is not filled or treated, the condition can lead to serious trouble, such as an infection from the mouth to the systemic circulation, which may be fatal.

Extractions – the last of choices when there is no ray of hope to save the tooth, and retaining it could be troublesome.

Symptoms and Signs of Interproximal Cavity

  • Sensitivity of tooth towards cold or hot food/beverages in the mouth
  • Decreased pain tolerance to sugar or acidic food
  • Pain while chewing

Prevention of Cavities Between Teeth

Preventing interproximal cavities is exactly like regular ones that grow on the front of tooth. There are no particular techniques available to prevent this from happening.

If there is something you can do is, keep a regular check on your brush and floss regime and finish with a mouthwash to flush out any leftover debris. Also, start with fluoride toothpaste since it helps in the remineralization of the enamel.


If you have a hidden cavity in between your two teeth, then the best choice is to visit your dentist for a consultation immediately. He will be able to use an X-ray to see what does your cavity look like and the extent of damage done.

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