Biological Dentistry in Houston, TX

While many people understand that routine visits to dentists can protect their teeth, fewer understand the full implications oral health issues can have on their overall well-being. The team at Hermann Park Smiles can educate patients about the link between oral health and systemic diseases. We welcome patients to our offices in Houston and surrounding areas to provide preventative care that protects their smile and health.

How Biological Dentistry Works

A holistic approach to dentistry? It exists. Biological dentistry takes into account the treatment of the entire patient – mouth, body, mind, and spirit. The state of your body influences your mood and emotions, not only how you look to the outside world.

Biological dentistry aims at properly restoring the balance to maintain optimal wellness. Underlying causes of problems are recognized and addressed, rather than treating symptoms. The term “biological” refers to treatment techniques and materials that first, have no adverse effect on the body, and second, restore the oral condition.

Dr. Sharel S. Sly Team

Benefits of Biological Dentistry

What if this choice supported your cosmetic appearance, confidence, and emotional balance? These are important considerations in opting for biological dentistry. Visualize a lifestyle decision with benefits ranging from self-esteem to improved overall health. Imagine the lifelong value of wellness and youth, and what that means to your freedom, finances and mental health. Houston, TX dentist, Dr. Sharel Sly brings the best of biological dentistry into the age of technology combined with professionalism and an unforgettable patient experience.

  • Mercury-free fillings – BPA-free composite material
  • SMART safe mercury amalgam filling removal 
  • Ozone therapy

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