Braces Pain relief Tips For You

Dental treatment like getting braces is pretty common, and one of the most haunting things about it is braces causing pain. But do braces really hurt? Well, let’s hear what the dentists have to say about getting braces on the teeth and pain.

They say that braces on do not hurt when they are being placed on teeth. However, the dentists do not guarantee that the following days will be peaceful.

Do Braces Actually Hurt The Wearer?

In reality, the orthodontic treatment itself does not cause pain. This is because the dentists use local anesthetics on your gums which numb the entire area so you won’t feel anything going on. The procedure is not so much, but its working phenomenon is what results in discomfort.

Braces are a prevalent teeth straightening method, especially metal ones. They apply pressure on the teeth through the metal wire and brackets.

Metal braces work wonders for many issues. Therefore the pressure depends on the severity level. The pressure then causes pain; if it is high – there is more discomfort and vice versa. However, you can opt out of metal ones if your teeth do not need a drastic change. In such case scenarios, aligners are best; custom-made and fit for slight changes, no extra pressure, no additional pain.

For How Long Do Braces Hurt After Being Put On?

After they are put on, there will be slight irritation and pain impulses at intervals. This is because of the metal wires forcing on the teeth. Usually, this pain lasts for around 5 to 6 days to a total of 1 week. Gradually as time goes by, the pain starts fading away. The cheek and other oral areas, alongside lips and tongue, may require some time adjusting to this new feature.

Placement Day
The process of actually getting those wires is not painful because your mouth is numb at that point. However, as soon as the power of anesthesia starts wearing off, your mouth will start hurting.

Next Day
Your days to come will be uneasy since the braces will pressure your teeth to correct their direction. The realignment process is daunting.

A Week Later
As you get done with the first week, pain decreases, and the mouth starts living with the new normal. Eating becomes better, however, making the right choices for food items is essential. Do not opt for anything that is hard to chew.

Remedies to Ease Pain

Follow these for reducing pain:

Cooling the Mouth
Ice cold water, ice creams, or any frozen treat can act as a short-term anesthetic for your painful mouth. You may question this phenomenon, but the effect is legit. Freezing cold water helps reduce pain and discomfort for a short period pretty effectively.

Soft Semi-solid Food or Liquids For Meals
Soft items such as bananas and mashed potatoes – are not hot; smoothies will not put extra pressure on your mouth. Moreover, there is no fear of wire detachment, which is a possibility with hard, crunchy edibles.

Over The Counter Pain Killers
If the pain goes beyond measure and you cannot deal with it, try OTC pain killers for relief.

Dental wax
It is a holy grail for people with braces. One of the most common issues is friction and resultant irritation of the mouth. This orthodontic wax creates an effective barrier between the cheek and braces, minimizing the wear and tear of cheek tissues.

Final Take Out

Braces do not hurt at the time of application, but the following days are critical. The pain increases slightly from day 1 to 2 and then starts subsiding as your mouth gradually adjusts. If you are interested in going for this treatment, contact dentists from Hermann Park Smiles at 713 522 1717



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