Dental Examination in Houston, TX

If you want your smile to remain healthy for years to come, it’s important that you visit Hermann Park Smiles at least once every six months for a routine dental examination. Our team will make sure that your teeth receive the care they need to ensure they stay healthy and strong against dental diseases.
A dental exam involves assessing your dental and oral health by thoroughly checking for potential problems in your teeth, gums, and mouth, like tooth decay and gingivitis. We use dental X-rays and other advanced dental technologies, such as intraoral cameras, to further evaluate your dental and oral health. In addition to a routine dental exam, we will also perform a comprehensive dental cleaning to prevent decay and disease, which involves removing existing plaque and tartar, and flossing and polishing your teeth.
Dental Examination

Other Preventive Dental Treatments

Based on the condition of your teeth, we may also recommend other preventative dental treatments, such as fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and fillings.
  • Fluoride Treatments – Fluoride treatments are used to help rebuild and strengthen tooth enamel, giving it a higher resistance against decay.
  • Dental Sealants – Dental sealants are plastic coatings used to seal the small grooves and fissures in your teeth, preventing food debris and bacteria from settling into those grooves and damaging the surface of your teeth.
  • Fillings – Fillings are used to restore a tooth that may have already been damaged by tooth decay and prevents decay from further advancing.

Oral Cancer Screenings

The best treatment for oral cancer is early detection, which is why our office also performs oral cancer screenings during your regular dental exams. We will thoroughly examine your mouth and tongue to see if there are any signs of cancer or precancerous symptoms present. As soon as we discover any conditions that suggest you are at risk for oral cancer, you will be referred to a specialist who will perform a biopsy to determine a definite diagnosis. If a diagnosis is determined, an immediate course of treatment will then be initiated, which can potentially be life-saving measures. Early detection is key.

To schedule your dental examination in Houston, Texas, call (713) 522-1717 today. Our dentist, Dr. Sharel Sly, and team look forward to hearing from you!

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