Do You Know The Signs of Infection After Root Canal?

Each tooth has a collection of soft tissues at its center, called the pulp. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels necessary for our tooth’s health and growth. Sometimes, damage or infection due to tooth decay or other causes reaches the tooth’s pulp. Consequently, we experience pain and undergo a dental procedure called a root canal to get rid of the infection. But did you know the tooth could be infected even after this procedure? In this article, we will discuss six signs of infection after a root canal that you should look out for.

Signs of an Infection after Root Canal

Although infection after a root canal is rare, it is still a possibility. Hence, you should stick to your root canal aftercare and revisit your dentist if you experience the following symptoms:

1. Constant Pain & Discomfort
A constant throbbing pain after the root canal procedure is usually the primary marker of infection. Slight discomfort and pain following the process are normal, but persistent pain is not something to ignore. It might feel like tenderness to some, while others complain of severe pain. In addition, triggers like pressure, exposure to extreme temperatures, and touching the tooth can cause pain. Therefore, contact your endodontist or dentist if you feel continuous discomfort after a root canal.

2. Persistent Pimple on Gums
You will notice a bump on the gum prior to the procedure, which often indicates infection. Usually, it gets smaller and goes away after your root canal treatment. Thus, something is definitely not right if it reoccurs after the root canal since it is one of the signs of an infection after a root canal. Pus- or fluid-filled gum abscess that remains a week or 10 days after the procedure is something you should revisit your dentist for.

3. Feeling Lethargic
Tiredness typically follows a root canal procedure, but feeling lethargic after 7 to 10 days of the treatment is not. Constant lethargy is also a sign of infection after a root canal; therefore, you should inform your dentist about all the symptoms you experience.

4. The Area Around Gums Feels Warm
The infection will also make the area surrounding the affected gum and tooth hot. Therefore, the root canal site will be warm to touch. If this happens, visit your dentist.

5. Fever
If your temperature is over 99.5 degrees after the root canal, you might have an infection. Therefore, you should not neglect the fever and inform your dentist immediately.

6. Bad Taste in The Mouth
You will have an unpleasant taste in your mouth due to the infection. Moreover, you will have a bad odor on your breath as well. Your dentist will suggest a suitable treatment to treat the condition.

What Causes Infection after Root Canal?

Sometimes, bacteria reenters the canal or remains after the procedure, which results in an infection. Many factors can lead to it, including:

  • Your tooth’s shape
  • Root canals are curved or narrow
  • Accessory or additional canals
  • Crown placement or restoration is delayed
  • Cavity or cracks appear after root canal

What to Do?

A root canal infection cleans your tooth’s pulp of the infection and decay. However, the infection can reoccur after the procedure if the bacteria remains or reenters the canal. Common signs of an infection after a root canal include pain, pimples on the gum, and fever. Our experts at Hermann Park Smiles can help; visit our clinic or dial (713) 522-1717 to schedule an appointment.



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