How Long Does It take For The Dentist To Fill A Cavity?

A cavity is one of the most common reasons a person visits the dentist; the excruciating pain and constant discomfort it brings along is not ignorable. A dental filling for a cavity is the most sought-after treatment, but who has the time to spend hours on it? Well, do you accurately know how long does it take for the dentist to fill a cavity?

There are many myths involved, and we are here to bust them. Let’s see how long tooth fillings take in real-time.

How long does a dentist take to fill a cavity?

The good news is that it does not take long to fill a dental cavity; it takes from a few minutes to 1 hour, max!

The time span greatly depends on the size and number of cavities to be filled. Additionally, the placement of the tooth also matters a lot. If it is deep inside the mouth, it may take longer than just an hour to fill your cavity.

We understand in the hustle; one does not have enough time to go to the dentist’s chair and spend a long while to fill your cavity. As mundane as it may seem, postponing cavity treatment can invite grave dangers such as tooth loss. Moreover, it will also decrease the quality of life.

How long does it take to fill a small child’s cavity?

Cavities in children are fairly more common than in adults. This is because of the excessive candies and other item intakes.

So, considering the size of their tooth one would think that a small cavity does not take as long as an adult cavity to fill. Well, the period is more or less the same for both.

Dental Filling Procedure

Cavity filling is generally a simple procedure. Firstly, your dentist will clear the decay affecting your tooth. This step will lead to the formation of a tiny hole in the tooth, which is then filled with a material such as porcelain or composite resin. After the process, you will end up with a strong infection-free tooth.

Advantages of Getting A Filing In Your Cavity

Now that we have established that a dental filling for a cavity does not take that long let’s discuss some advantages of getting them done.

Fillings Halt Cavity Progression
The main reason why you should immediately get fillings in your tooth is to stop the cavity from growing and damaging it.

During this process, the dentist cleans out the decayed area of your tooth and pours filling material. This results in sealing the hole or tooth cavity, protecting the nerve endings.

Strengthens the Tooth
Strengthening a tooth having a cavity with filling for long-term management is a good step. They can also be used to repair a fractured tooth.

Improve Tooth Aesthetics
Composite fillings work for stained and discolored teeth. The stain results from edibles you consume, such as coffee or red wine.

Final Words
Do not miss your appointment with the dentist; fill that cavity, as it does not take that long. However, if you don’t, it may lead to a series of consequences that one would not want to suffer from. If you want more information, talk to professionals from Hermann Park Smiles at 713 522 1717.



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