How To Clean Invisalign? 5 Methods Detailed For You

Aligning misplaced teeth changes how you smile and is also beneficial for dental health. While few individuals go for traditional methods like braces, some opt for newer ones – Invisalign. They are easy to wear, carry and clean too. Here’s what makes invisalign distinct from other treatments.

Why is Invisalign Important?

Damaged teeth, bite issues, or other oral problems shatters a person’s self-confidence. Moreover, cleaning of improper teeth is difficult resulting in consequential bacterial buildup and periodontal disease.

Invisalign is a latest non-invasive technology used for straightening teeth. The clear aligners are custom made and fit easily on your mouth and slowly improve their direction without changing the aesthetics of your smile.

It is a type of straightening method that produces braces-like effects. Invisalign is a shaping piece sturdy enough to pressurize the right places.

How to Clean Invisalign at Home?

If you are reluctant about getting them because of high maintenance, read on to know more on how to clean Invisalign cases.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

It is perfect for stain removal when used in low concentrations. Soak the tray in hydrogen peroxide for about 20-30 minutes. Next, brush and rinse dirt and plaque before wearing them -again.

2. Invisalign Crystals

Invisalign crystals are best for cleaning the tray. But the question is, how to use them to clean Invisalign retainers? The answer is pretty easy. Take one container and fill it with warm water. Next, drop the cleaning crystals in it and stir them in until they fully dissolve.

Take off your Invisalign and place it into the crystal solution for approximately 15-20 minutes. Next, take a brush and clean them, later rinse the solution off the tray with water.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda has an abrasive nature, however it is safe to clean Invisalign. Take 1 spoon of baking soda and dissolve in a cup of warm water. Then, let Invisalign soak in for a few minutes. Next, take out the tray and brush it before rinsing with fresh water.

4. Distilled White Vinegar

It is a liquid solution for your invisible braces, and using it is easy too. Take 1 portion vinegar and mix with 3 portions water. Keep your Invisalign in it for 10-20 minutes for loosening the plaque all ready to come off.

5. Soap – Antibacterial

Scented beauty soaps are not right for cleaning Invisalign. Only antibacterial clear soaps are recommended for this purpose. The method of use is up to you; make a soap solution or directly use it as a block.


Invisalign cases or clear retainers are easy for straightening teeth. They fit inside like a puzzle piece, but slightly press on the teeth for moving in a direction.

For long lasting use, cleaning and maintenance is important. Follow these simple methods for cleaning. In case of any query, contact Hermann Park Smiles. Make a call at 713 522 1717 today.



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