I Have A Cut On My Tongue – What Do I Do?

If you can spot cuts or cracks in your tongue, do not worry because mostly the reason is not really concerning. Cracks or cuts in your tongue, whether painful or not, are not in the critical zone because they are not contagious and show no lingering symptoms.

A fissured or scrotal tongue is a benign condition and usually harmless and appears to have deep or shallow cuts on it known as grooves. Let’s have a look at this issue in detail.

Characteristics of a Cut/Fissured Tongue

  • Clefts on the surface or sides of the tongue
  • The tongue is the only organ affected
  • It may be as deep as 6 millimeters


As the name indicates, the major symptom is cuts or cracks on the outer surface or edge of your tongue. Their depth may vary and traps debris inside them. Therefore, brushing the tongue softly is beneficial.

Fissured Tongue – Causes

Unfortunately, there is no direct cause of this problem; however few conditions are linked to it:

  • Vitamin Deficiencies – in some instances, lack of nutrition causes tongue cracks, and it may or may not be painful. This problem may arise from B vitamins, zinc, or iron deficiencies, and it is easily treated with the help of targeted supplements.
  • Poor Oral Hygiene – cleanliness is also thought to increase the crack formation inside the tongue.
  • Sjogren’s syndrome – is associated with mouth dryness, also known as xerostomia, and lack of moisture is the reason why cuts or cracks emerge.
  • Down Syndrome – a person who has an extra chromosome. Individuals with this issue are distinct in looks with developmental disabilities.
  • Psoriasis – a skin disease that forms red patchwork all over the body, mostly in the knees, trunk, elbows etc.

How To Fix Cracks In Tongue – Fissure Tongue?

Usually, tongue fissures do not need treatment. It doesn’t even show visible symptoms other than grooves on the tongue. Accumulation of debris is one of the complications of a cracked tongue. If it is not cleaned correctly, it may irritate, progressing into an infection, bad breath, or tooth decay.

Other Causes of Cuts In The Tongue

Accidental biting or trauma are other leading causes of cuts forming on the tongue. Do not worry if your mouth fills with blood because of the cut; you can slow it down with the remedies mentioned below.

Treating Biting Cuts On The Tongue

  • Directly apply pressure to the wound if it’s possible with clean gauze.
  • If the cut is deep in the tongue, double-layer it.
  • Do not swallow the blood as it may feel icky and trigger the gag reflex.
  • Use pain relief medicines.


Frequent dental checkups help a lot, especially for early detection of diseases and clarification of any ongoing symptoms regarding your oral cavity. Cuts in the tongue show symptoms such as burning when having acidic content food or drinks. If you see that routine cleaning is not working or the tongue may have an infection, call the best dentist in Houston at Hermann Park Smiles at 713-522-1717.



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