I Have Cut On The Gums – Is It A Dental Emergency?

Gums are layers of soft tissues that wrap the upper and lower jaw bone surrounding the teeth. They are also known as gingiva; they are soft and delicate and easily suffer from bruises. Their fragility is what makes them prone to bleed. Even a small cut on the gums may cause heavy bleeding. However, do not worry; the volume you see is most probably blood mixed with saliva.

Cut on the gums is a common occurrence, and it may turn the color white. The cut may be small or large in size according to the impact. Always stay vigilant while eating and practice non-hasty eating.

Causes for Cut on the Gums

In your entire life, you will have your fair share of cuts and bruises from the skin to the mouth. Let’s discuss in detail some common causes of cuts on the gums.

Gums are made up of delicate tissues; therefore, they do not need more than a light impact to cause damage, and since they are in contact with food, floss, toothbrush, constantly even a little maneuver can easily cause bruising. Usually, gum bruises and related injuries do not need medical intervention because they heal independently.

Treatment for Cut on the Gums

Cuts or bruises are very common because of improper brushing techniques, crunchy food, etc. Here are some methods to deal with gum bleed:

Stop The Bleed With Paper Towel

Softly press a clean piece of cloth or a paper towel on the gum and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, remove it and rinse the mouth with icy cold water to wash off the gums’ blood and debris with the cut.

Dietary Modification

Try eating soft foods and not anything solid or anything with sharp edges, such as crisps. This aversion increasingly reduces the chance of delayed healing. Moreover, lessen the intake of citrus fruits and hot beverages.

Cold compress

A cold compress or ice packs on the cut gums ease the pain. You can use a cloth peice soaked in cold water or suck on ice cubes, anything that works for you.

Saltwater rinse

The saltwater solution acts as an antibacterial agent. Take one part salt and one part water; dissolve them to form a solution. Take some amount and gargle for about 2 minutes, swish, swirl and spit. Repeat the same for quick ease at least twice a day.

Pain Medicines

OTC medications are helpful for rapid pain relief. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are some of the over-the-counter medications that ease the pain due to cuts on the gums.


A cut on your gums is nothing to be worried about since it will heal on its own. But, if the bleeding is constant, head to Hermann Park Smiles for a full checkup. Call now at 713 522 1717 for an appointment today.



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