Is Coffee Bad For Your Teeth? Here’s The Real Answer.

There is a lot of opinion surrounding whether coffee is bad for your teeth. But should you sacrifice your morning cup of joe for the greater benefit of your oral health? Or can you maintain your morning ritual and enjoy a cup of coffee to energize you for the day ahead?

This article will explore how coffee affects your teeth. Several factors can mean your coffee is doing more damage than you think.

Is Coffee Bad For Your Teeth?

Coffee is one of the world’s most popularly consumed psychoactive drugs, and some people even state that it had a role in accelerating the progress of modern society. Small wonder, then, that millions of Americans consider it impossible to start their day without their favorite brew.

However, coffee is quite acidic, especially if consumed black. Any oral health professional will tell you that consuming acidic substances frequently increases your risk of tooth decay. But why is this?

Acidic Beverages Weaken Tooth Enamel

The first part of the equation involves coffee’s acidity and the strength of tooth enamel. The outermost layer of your teeth is surprisingly robust and resilient, but unfortunately, it’s irreplaceable. It’s also quite susceptible to weakening over time in acidic environments, and drinking a lot of coffee can skew the mouth’s pH towards being more acidic.

The second part, though, is that an acidic environment favors the growth of bacteria. Your mouth is home to various bacteria that generally don’t do much damage, particularly if you have a good oral hygiene routine. But they can wreak havoc and multiply considerably given favorable conditions. They subsequently produce even more acidic waste, with the potential of dissolving tooth enamel.

The result? A higher risk of tooth decay and even gum disease.

The effect is even worse if you drink coffee with sugar and cream. Milk is slightly acidic, and sugar is the food of choice for oral bacteria looking to thrive and multiply inside your mouth.
Coffee also contains chemical compounds that can stain your teeth and discolor them.

So is there anything you can do to enjoy your favorite beverage while still maintaining good oral health?

Conclusion: How To Enjoy Your Coffee Without Any Negative Side Effects

Ultimately, if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine and drink coffee in moderation, you’re unlikely to experience any of the negatives mentioned above. That means brushing your teeth twice a day, using fluoride toothpaste, and limiting your coffee intake to a maximum of two cups a day. Cutting down on your intake also helps. Another tip is to rinse your mouth with water or drink some after you’ve had your coffee, as it helps neutralize the acids and create a more pH-neutral environment in your mouth.

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