What Are Baby Teeth And Why Are They Important?

What Are Baby Teeth And Why Are They Important?As parents, we do not pay much attention to the oral hygiene of our children when it is vital for their development. In this post, we will explain how to take care of children’s baby teeth.

What are baby teeth

The milk teeth, also known as temporary teeth, are the first teeth in a person’s mouth after they are born. One defining characteristic that temporary teeth have is that they are a little whiter than the permanent ones. They appear before the child turns one year old. A person generally has 20 milk teeth that appear in their mouth normally until they turn three years old. Half of these teeth are divided in the lower part and the others in the upper part. In both the upper and the lower part, you will find two canines, four molars and four incisors. During the first years of the child, these will help to chew and digest the food. In general, baby teeth begin to replace from six to twelve years of age. Even though these are not going to remain in the mouth for a lifetime you have to take care of them, since they can affect the way in which the permanent ones grow.

Importance of Baby Teeth

Many parents forget that temporary teeth are essential for children’s development. During the first few years of our life, we feed on breast milk and crushed foods. But as we grow, we switch to hard foods which need to be chewed. When children process food properly they can obtain all the nutrients necessary for their growth. The teeth not only fulfill the function of helping in feeding, but also allow the little ones to communicate and smile. Which helps them to develop more effective communication skills. Knowing how to take care of children’s teeth is essential. The first teeth leave the space so that the permanent ones can appear and when your little one grows up; he has a healthy denture. Take into account that permanent teeth are forming under the gums during the first years of children. You should be careful that your child does not lose their milk teeth too soon, as this can cause problems. It may happen that your child is playing and a tooth becomes loose or falls too soon. This causes permanent teeth to move into empty space, which can make it difficult teeth to grow out the gums with ease.



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