What Do I Need to Know About Dental Bonding?

What Do I Need to Know About Dental Bonding?Cosmetic dentistry has helped thousands of people regain their self-esteem by giving them the ability to smile widely. Achieving that mesmerizing smile is not a dream anymore as numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures correct all forms of dental imperfections.

Many people who are living their lives with dental imperfections think of getting the dental bonding procedure. It is a common and affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps people with decayed, chipped, cracked, or spaced teeth regain their confidence by bestowing them with the perfect smile.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that repairs the tooth damage using a composite resin that matches the color of the teeth. It is an affordable solution for people struggling with dental imperfections. Whether your cracked tooth is making you self-conscious or the fractured spaced teeth do not let you smile, dental bonding will help you smile again, without worrying about your dental imperfections.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Typically Take?

The process of dental bonding is simple and just 30 minutes to an hour–long. You do not have to worry about the procedure being painful. The procedure is done in several steps that include;

What Are Some of the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is the easiest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged tooth. It is a procedure that can be done in one visit. A dentist shapes the composite resins to match your surrounding teeth to give it a perfectly natural look.

In the majority of the cases, dentists use dental bonding as a replacement procedure for amalgam fillings. It is also a great option to address any exposed roots in the case of receding gums. It is a straight-forward procedure and will be pain-free as dentists will typically utilize anesthesia when filling a decayed tooth.

What Are The Treatment Steps for Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a straight-forward cosmetic procedure and can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Choosing the Resin Color – The first step of the procedure is choosing the color of the resin using a shade guide. A dentist will choose a color that perfectly matches your other teeth to give your mouth a perfectly natural look.
  • Preparing the Tooth – After a dentist has chosen the color, he begins to prepare the tooth. This step of the procedure includes abrading or etching the surface of the tooth. The purpose of this step is to roughen the surface of the tooth. The next stage of preparing the tooth is coated with a conditioning liquid.
  • Application of Composite-Resin – The next step is the application of composite resin. The dentist works on it to mold it into a proper shape. After application, a dentist has to harden the material using ultraviolet laser or light.
  • Trimming and Shaping – The final stage is the trimming and shaping of the composite resin. After the hardened material, a dentist polishes it until it matches the sheen of the other teeth surfaces.


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