Worried About Your Jaw Pain On One Side?

Aching jaw pain can occur on one side or both and can indicate an alarming situation. Although it is not a state of emergency, however, it is a nuisance to deal with. The ache may cause tinnitus – ears ringing and mouth lock, reducing your quality of life.

Various reasons are associated with pain in the jaw, more so if it is dominant on one side. The only way is to get rid of the stimulating factor for pain relief. The jaw bone is a delicate part of your body; continue with this blog piece to fully understand the reasons behind jaw pain on one side and better clarity on the said subject.

Reasons Why You Have Jaw Pain on One Side of the Mouth
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD)

TMJ disorder results in malfunctioning of the joint and is said to be the most viable reason of pain on one side of the jaw. The temporomandibular joint has a disc structure in it, segregating the bones from one another and easing the jaw movement.

Cysts or Tumor Growth

Tumors or cysts are masses or growth with fluid filled inside them. Although it is not common for them to emerge on your jaw, however, the possibility is still there. In rare cases, such tumor or cystic growth may be cancerous and pose a threat to your health and life. They destruct tissues and the bones in the mouth.


Bruxism is excessive involuntary teeth grinding and is not related to chewing or eating while conscious. Many grind their teeth while sleeping, and this situation at night is worse than during the daytime. The reason behind this is that the natural reflex does not work while you sleep.

Sinusitis – Sinus Infection

Nasal inflammation or sinusitis is a result of allergies or cold episodes. The sinus cavities are present behind your face, and when they undergo, inflammation often results in pain, either on the sides or one part of your jaw.

Your body may send signals like yellow or green tint mucus flow, nasal passage congestion, exhaustion, pressure on the face, or pain in that area with sinusitis. Visit a doctor if these signs are consistent for more than 1 week.

Dental Issues

One side pain in the jaw bone is most likely because of minor dental issues like cavity buildup, gum abscess, wisdom teeth growth, periodontal disease, etc.

If such dental issues are why your jaw pains from one side, it will come with other lingering signs you should look out for. These include sensitive teeth, halitosis or bad breath, multiple mouth sores, painful bleeding gums, bump in the roof of your mouth, pain during eating, etc.

A Tooth Abscess

One of the less common reasons behind this painful jaw and face pain issue is a tooth abscess. An abscess is an infection developing in the dental pulp that has sensitive nerves, tissues or blood vessels because of bacterial exposure. When such kind of infection grows, it reaches the gum and boney structure inside the mouth, resulting in a painful trigger of the oral cavity and sore jaw.

Final Take Out

Jaw pain be it on one side or both, is a factor that needs immediate catering and attention. You can try multiple home remedies for relief, including the use of using ice chips to cool down the inflammation or getting OTC pain meds. Other than that, massage therapy works wonders for gum inflammation as well.

If the remedies do not work satisfactorily for you, give a call to the trusted dentist in Houston at Hermann Park Smiles at 713 522 1717



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